Diwali 2021 at BiBi

We’ll be celebrating our first Diwali throughout the weekend of the 4th, 5th, and 6th November 2021.

On these days we’ll have a Duck Special to run along side our regular a la carte menu. For this, we’re excited to be working with Creedy Carver Ducks from Devon, which are fed on a diet which promotes a slow and leisurely growth, resulting in a meat full of flavour.

We’ll use almost every part of the duck to create:

Confit Duck Leg Shammi kebab
Duck Heart Ghutwa kebab
Duck Crown with Awadhi brown stew

At £95 the spread will serve between two and four guests, depending on what else you decide to order from the menu.

This will only be available via pre-order 48 hours in advance – once you’ve made your booking (or if you already have one), please email us on info@bibirestaurants.com

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