The story of Sharmaji's Chicken

Sharmaji’s Lahori Chicken is the one dish Chet will never take off the menu – and here’s why …

Chet’s grandfather (who was part of the partition generation in India) would almost never speak about life pre-partition – it was a traumatic time, when he escaped with just the clothes on his back, ending up on a different side of the country to his family.

He would, however, tell the story of one kebab vendor in Lahore and the chicken kebabs you could find there, marinated in yoghurt and cashew sauces. It was a story so visceral that when Chet came to creating this dish, he was able to echo the flavours his grandfather described and translate them into a plate perfect for his own restaurant.

Unsurprisingly, this one’s on all of our menus – a la carte, Kamal, and Ranjana – so you can enjoy it whenever you come in to visit us.

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