We're making this year's Valentine's that bit more special ...

Looking to celebrate Valentine’s in style this year? We’re opening up specially on Monday 14th February so you can do just that.

For one evening only, a special Valentine’s Chef’s Selection menu (£75pp) will replace our normal Chef’s Selection, featuring celebratory dishes like Lobster Ka Shora (Lobster and saffron broth, Lobster pao), Ajwaini Brill (grilled brill, smoked cockles, and wild celery seed), as well as dishes which have become BiBi classics, like our Aged Swaledale Lamb Chop and Sharmaji’s Lahori Chicken.

There is, of course, a vegetarian version of this special Chef’s Selection too, where you can expect the likes of Truffle and Millet Kichdi (dried lentil wadi, smoked mushrooms and winter black truffle) and Celeriac Makhmali (malai celeriac, cashew, and yoghurt whey).

Plus, our wine team has crafted a wine pairing (£55pp) for each of the menus, so you can enjoy the likes of a Hermit Ram Field Blend with the Sharmaji’s Chicken, and Franco Lourens’ Lindi Carien with the Ajwaini Brill.

Book your table to join us here.

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